Why is hell necessary?

In short, hell is the necessary result of unnecessary rebellion.

Continuing our discussion from the our last post, here are some more insights I picked up from Bob’s message that help shed some light on our dark subject at hand.

  • The Bible teaches that sin warrants the shedding of blood and earns eternal punishment. To trivialize the shed blood of Christ is to trivialize the blood that was shed for your sin.
  • Christ’s sacrificial blood is no trivial matter (Heb. 10:29). Therefore, rejection of Jesus Christ is no trivial matter.
  • Those who choose to reject God, must necessarily be rejected by God.
  • Evil is the opposite of, and cannot coexist with, righteousness. It is contagious and must be quarantined.
  • Hell is the logical consequence of the contagion of evil. Where else could those such as Adolf Hitler possibly be?


Father, help me to live this week conscious of the fact that some of those around me are headed for hell in the next life. Use me as an agent for change in this tragic reality. Help me to shine Light into the darkness of this world, that You may rescue those who are perishing.