In the last article of our Pray for Passion series, we discussed the importance of an invitation. Anyone who’s ever decided to follow Jesus was invited to do so. It’s worth mentioning however that when Jesus invited people to follow Him in the Scriptures, the invitation usually came with an offer (i.e. Follow me, and I will make you…). There was an invitation to follow accompanied with an offer to receive leadership and guidance.

If we consider the reality that the folks we’re witnessing to are “dead in their trespasses and sins” and now we’re inviting them into a new life with Jesus, it’s important to realize that whether we take on the responsibility to help with their discipleship journey or not, they are going to need help. And as the one inviting them into a new life with Jesus, it logically follows that we would offer some kind of encouragement, support and example for our new disciples to follow.

This is why the next step in our Pray for Passion strategy is is to OFFER to walk with them through next steps. These next steps include things like prayer of confession and surrender to Jesus, assistance in acquiring a new Bible and learning the fundamentals of basic Bible study, regular encouragement and accountability to help them grow in their faith, and helping them find a local body of believers to plug into for further growth and development.

Just as we don’t bring a babies into the world and expect them to survive on their own, we shouldn’t do that to new Christians either. We have a responsibility to reach people for Jesus, and we have an equally important responsibility to disciple them along the way. This starts with an OFFER to help whoever God sends our way.

P—Pray for those far from God
A—Acknowledge them
S—Serve them
S—Share your story with them
I—Invite them into a new story
O—Offer to show them the way