It’s been said that prayer is the most powerful thing you can do for anyone. We all want to help others, but prayer just seems to be another one of those things that’s super easy to do, but so difficult to make time for. The thing to remember, however, is that those who have been most effective for the Kingdom of God have ALWAYS demonstrated prayer as a priority in their life. Consider any significant person in Scripture who had a positive impact on the Kingdom, and close by their name, you’ll find evidence of a closeness with God through prayer. So as you block off time on your calendar to meet with God in the next few days, here are a few questions to ask yourself as you approach your Father in Heaven: 

Do I really want to get to know God more and grow closer to Him?

Am I really interested in giving God preeminence in my life?

Am I really praying more to have God’s will done on earth or for my will to be done from heaven?