I was listening to John Maxwell earlier as he discussed the concept of tradeoffs. He talked about how successful teams engage in conversation halfway through the game to evaluate their performance and make necessary adjustments in an effort to have a better second half of the game.

Given that we’re in a season of half-time, taking a break with family and friends and resting a little from work and school, this got me thinking about how my “game” has gone since getting into full swing after the summer break. While I feel like I’m doing alright balancing family, faith, friends, and fun, I am also curious to see what might happen if I can make (and keep!) a few new commitments to myself over the next six to twelve months. To that end, a couple questions I find helpful to ask from time to time are:

What are some things I need to stop doing, and what do I need to start doing?

To give you an idea of the direction I’d like to head in the coming months, here are my lists of three things I need to STOP and START doing.

Stop Doing

  1. Drinking soda
  2. Staying up late
  3. Overcommitting myself

Start Doing: 

  1. Wrapping up my spiritual conversations with Gospel invitations
  2. Working on a personal writing project
  3. Going to bed at a decent hour

So what about you? What are three things you need to stop and start doing in order to win your game next year?

You can listen to Maxwell’s message about trade-offs here: