Listening is a skill that often gets overlooked when we’re trying to lead ourselves and those around us. The reality is the more you listen the more you learn, the more you’re loved, and the better you lead.┬áHere are five reasons listening will make you a more effective leader.

Listening demonstrates respect.

Listening sends the message that the other person is important and what they have to say is important enough to be heard. When you listen, you put yourself in a position to hear, understand and acknowledge the needs of others.

Listening builds relationships.

No one enjoys a one sided relationship. Listening ensures that communication is flowing both ways and the result is that your relationships will grow deeper and last longer than if you were to do all the talking on your own.

Listening expands knowledge.

Listening opens the portal for knowledge and wisdom to enter your mind from a number of different sources. As your knowledge expands from both those who can help you and those who need your help, you will learn those truths which will help enhance your leadership of yourself and others.

Listening fosters creativity.

We are more creative when share ideas in the context of community and begin to see things in a different light. Listening helps you absorb new perspectives and gets your brain working in a direction it otherwise would not have gone.

Listening builds loyalty.

As respect is given, relationships are deepened, knowledge is shared and creativity flourishes between team members, loyalty to one another will be inevitable. The more you listen, the more likely your team will be to stay by your side for years to come.

Listening helps you to learn, love and lead in a manner that attracts loyalty from your followers and helps to get things done over the long haul. The good news is, God’s given us head start to begin listening more and talking┬áless. With two ears and only one mouth, we should find it easier to do twice the listening and only half the talking.

Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger. Jas. 1:19