After spending the past few days frozen into our own homes, we’ve gotten a taste of what it will be like when the day finally arrives that we’ll do everything and get everything without every stepping foot outside the comfort of our own homes. I heard a prediction the other day that a few years from now the norm will be going an entire month without leaving the house. I realize some are already bound to such constraints, but for this to become the norm for the average American family is simply mind boggling.

While it’s hard for me to imagine such a lifestyle, I suppose it’s not really too far-fetched at all. Just consider Amazon Prime shipping, grocery delivery services, the increase in online schooling, and the increase of jobs that allow one to work from home. These are building blocks for the foundation of just such a standardized reclusive lifestyle.

All this considered, I can’t help but to wonder what this will mean for those of us following Christ who live in the “GO” mindset of reaching any and all who will surrender their lives to Christ. Will we still get out and share Christ with the community? Will there even be a community to share Christ with? Martin Luther was quoted saying, “God does not need our good works, but our neighbor does.” But what about the day when all of our neighbors barricade themselves inside their houses for weeks or months at a time? What will it take to pry their doors open at that point and get inside to share Jesus with them?

At first, I assume there will be some semblance of face to face interactions through which we can witness, but what about 10, 20, or 30 years later? Many of you reading this probably remember the year 1988 like it was yesterday. Do you realize that the year 1988 was 30 years ago?! In the blink of an eye, some of the most unreached people groups in the world could have the same neighborhood access code as us, and be seen only for seconds at a time as they open the door just enough to grab the smiley-face cardboard box of their front porch each week.  Do you get the picture? We are running out of time.

So the question now, as we thaw out and regain some mobility this weekend, is will we capitalize on the time God gives us outside of our own home to pursue leading others into His? Soon it won’t take a snow storm to keep us locked up all week. Let’s get to work!


Father in Heaven, as You grant us the freedom to get out of our homes, give us an opportunity to share Jesus with someone else, the wisdom to see the opportunity and the courage to take it. Amen.